Visual Artist, 2- and 3 dimensional art, installations, performance

Studied physical education, theater, dance and art at the Hogeschool van de Kunsten, Amsterdam and Utrecht[NL]

Visualizing  the synthesis of imagination of the crossing of poetry, dance, music and image.

Her preference for nature, natural colors, the earthly, motion, life, the combination of  different materials, and most of all for recycling: to retake the past both in history , telling stories , materials as in image…..an open-end challenging and surprising.

With sense for poetry and art history she translates the poetical/poetry, contemporary and conceptual  3-D art that raises questions, never fixed on one material but rather combinations like glass and iron, wood, rubber, wool and gelatin. Thematic art inspired by the narrative tradition from the Bible and mythology.

Experimental, research, minimalistic but manifesting monumentally.

Tineke Smith portret